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How We Can Help You

Business Recovery
& Turn-Around Advice

Not all businesses in financial difficulty need to go into liquidation.  If your business can be saved we will help you save it.

With over 25 years in insolvency we have the experience to guide your business through the tough times back to stability and prosperity.  This may include informal deals with creditors, arrangements with the ATO, seeking new finance, selling surplus assets additional accounting support and other strategies.

Voluntary Administration

If you want to continue with your business or want to come to an arrangement with creditors then a Voluntary Administration may be the right answer.

We will assess the company and its business, work with you to come up with the best proposal to put to creditors, comply with the Corporations Act and ASIC requirements to put forward a Deed of Company Arrangement to enable you to survive, the plan to be carried out and the creditors to get a better return quicker.

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Sometimes a business has run its course and liquidation is the best option.

If the company is in financial difficulty, its business has ceased or you do not want to continue with it then perhaps Liquidation is the best option.  We will realise its assets, deal with its creditors comply with the requirements of the Corporations Act and ASIC and distribute any available funds to employees and creditors enabling you to get a fresh start.

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